About Jan Jansen

Easy Branches is the Brainchild of Jan Jansen.

Jan always uses a variety of methods to get things done. Thus the different styles you see are reflective of these methods.

In creating different styles to suit the consumers needs, Jan Jansen never stop to incorporate different methods and gets your desire results.

Think positive, work with passion in a unique character is always being Jan’s personality.
Jan Jansen hopes to live with healthy and he is always be straight in life.

He enjoy his works for growing of our Easy Branches networks.

We hope everyone enjoy working with Jan Jansen and his Easy Branches Team while you can feel and see it for yourself the differences we are capable to make it.

Winners don’t do different things, they just do things differently.

Jan always do things in many ways because he want to create different styles.

Thus the different styles are user friendly and integrated. The outcomes you see are reflective of these methods, the knowledge and direction that Jan incorporates within his social media ethos.

Jan Jansen and Easy Branches team will make the difference.

Jan Jansen believes in using the Power of Stories to trigger change within a person’s Life.
Social Media is one of the tools connecting to interesting people around the world.
Among Jan’s favorites interactive tools are the Photography and Poems.
Jan finds these terrific with both sharing and connecting within the digital World.

Jan Jansen wrote his thoughts and are well threaded through the Daily Poems & Stories Portal every day.

Jan Jansen is a quiet person and love his works and Life.

“He is an example of true leadership in action;
He is not seeking merely to gain followers,
but also working hard to cultivate other leaders.”
– Victor Sur

For being the best in the world is not possible, to be the worst in
the world is also not possible: in between is always possible.
That is what Jan is, nothing is impossible for him.

Be a Gentleman and they will treat You as a Gentleman.
Jan Jansen is a gentleman always, and we do hopes everybody
will always treat him as one.

A quitter never can Win and a Winner will never Quit,
I’m a Winner. Jan Jansen never quit in his life. Yes is Yes,
No is No and ” Maybe ” he no have.
Jan Jansen know what he can or not can do.

Take care for People what smile and cry with You.
A true friend is never too late to welcome in his life.

Learn from yesterday, live as today is your last Day,
hopes and think for tomorrow.
Jan Jansen wish everyone have a nice and healthy Life.

With Due Respect from Jan Jansen and Easy Branches Team.


Jan Jansen is the Founder of Easy Branches Co., Ltd.

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