Providing from Ourselves to Others can Sometimes Cost a High Toll


Providing from Ourselves to Others can Sometimes Cost a High Toll

In our lives, we all need a wheelbarrow to move a huge pile of sand easily, because without the help everything will go slower.
Get a helping hand or disclosed handed can sometimes be very helpful especially if there is not enough knowledge and it will encourage all to a faster process.
Occasionally we are so impulsive to assist someone with help, that we ourselves completely forgotten by the enthusiasm and we also work or have important things to do, the clock is ticking and we are sometimes tied to deadlines or appointments.
Sometimes to help others we walk ourselves over, it’s good to help others, but we must also realize that we ourselves are also important and remember to show clear boundaries there.
Someone who is strongly needy or in distress, then it is fine to give their spontaneous backing and thus help them out to achieve a state of emergency.
Then we are glad that we helped someone who needed us at that time and hence has come out of the problems.
At a time when we ourselves are in trouble, we hope someone to help us and perhaps there to ask, but with good friends its not necessary to see it.
It may also be that if we helped someone at that time, they will express their overly nice and gratitude but later everything quickly returned to normal or forgotten.
It is better not to annoy our own there and see it as a part of life, as the candle fire is on everyone can enjoy the light and romance.
Some are not as intelligent and blow out the candle themselves, this causing a freedom to others and they can make a choice to let shine the light again or leave the other in the dark.
For the most part we ourselves can determine our happiness and contentment when we think deeply about experienced confrontations and for what purpose and mood that arose.
To help another is not bad but thinking primarily about ourselves is the effort to overcome the feeling and satisfaction and triumph to another.
If we are willing to pay a high price does not matter to whom we providing our own, because in our hearts, the sun will always shine and the triumph last forever.

All the best for You with a Good Health
©author Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen


Together Enjoy from 1 is Enjoyment for 2

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Together Enjoy from 1 is Enjoyment  for 2

When we are young, we all have a dream and vision, then we come at a certain age might going out from our parents home and start maybe a relationship or family, then it all starts to full-grown for our future.

It may be that the future that we had in mind are not the same way proceed as we would have liked, but never give up and aspire to that image from our childhood.

It’s never too late to enjoy the love together with a partner or others, we all need love to live our life good and for to give it more sense.

Love comes our way despite also with incorrect relationships after there will always come a true one in time or the right friends, but we must not stay too long in the wrong circle.

When there is dissatisfaction its not wise to try or just stay and hope for better times, but then its time for goodbye is a better choice, before it’s too late.

And love knows no age or time, it is never too late to enjoy it, be kind and loving to each other can bring eternal happiness in our soul.

In a love relationship there are often lucky moments that our stomach completely turns the received jitters (butterflies in the stomach), hold fast to those times when moments coming that it is less “good” go then and embrace our dear at times when they do not expect from us heart.

The love and friendship in a relationship will always overcome, do not listen too much to others and follow our heart that always shows us the direction that is instinctive and enter the physical sense.

Let us not be influenced  by others our own sense it contradicts what is the focal point and center of our heart, love is the center of life which we can so exchange temporal to the eternal.

An inspired sense transformation that two different individuals with feelings for each other can give life more happiness and true love pushes boundaries continuously that is no coincidence.

As in a love affair one of the other and let keep two hearts melt together to walk the same path in life by desires, than this is the maximum on that time.

Embrace the love of our life, and say how much we loved him / her and lets keep small mistakes or interference no have influence on us,  because in a togetherness is only forgiveness the cure.

A romance in a love relationship and when them as a couple enjoy it together and melt into one heart with love then it will be a pleasure for two.

All the best for You with a Good Health

©author Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen

Our life will be more smoother if we focus on things what is matter most

Our life will be more smoother if we focus on things what is matter most.

If our day format is being well organized, we actually are ahead of our mood and we will not get quick nervous if all things can go smoothly.

There are some moments, because of the crowds that we are not able to overlook everything good and make the misjudgment on what is most important.

Even we’ve make the list of tasks but sometimes never think too much about it so we don’t know what is the most important things need to be done first.

But we need to do things that have the priorities first.

So that if something goes wrong on that day, all the important things with priority are already been covered and less problems may arise from there.

That would be decisive in a material or physical problem, because there are things which is priority in our life.

As soon as we have evaluate risk topics or appointments has been arranged in advance, then we can continue to do other things with more relaxing.

Always make a good estimation on the important things in our life so that we can properly structured and adjust ourselves for the best collocation.

It is crucial concern that everything can be done with relax without panicking and wrong ongoing personalities together.

Everything will be smoother if we prepare ourselves for the most important point first.

All the best for You with a Good Health

©author Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen

A Great Leader always Accept full Responsibility and Respond with Courage

A Great Leader always Accept full Responsibility and Respond with Courage .

Playing the leader or to be a ruler, is the big difference.
Leadership is about taking full responsibility to do so with courage and complete trust, a great leader does not like to make excuses, but looking for solutions and opportunities to improve further.
A great leader can always find solutions for every problems, if he/she does not know how to fix it , they will never be afraid to ask the help from people in their circle of life.
Strong together and unites unbeatable is the right expression that shows unity is power.
Leadership does not merely consist on commanding, but to improve everything together in the correct order in which everyone can benefit from it.
A leadership figure is a leader and ruler who can do everything together in every situation inside a community for an improvement.
He/she has the responsibility to confirm with a yes or no, and that may be used by themselves or another person in that community, any decision by them will benefit for the whole relationship.
100% stand behind every decision taken by them and they will not defense when making mistakes but comes with a reasonable explanation with the facts and provide the solutions.
A leader who is there for others and not just of self-interest will always be an advocator for the best of their commune.
Never make unlawful decisions and not say yes when there are no provable facts for an improvement.
Take the full responsibility of a leadership functionality will give the power and permission to make decisions for others.
Those who cannot take the responsibility for the interests of their associates will never be a good leader.
It is not commendable to withhold this position with no accountability for its community and no liability feeling for others
The true leader will always take responsibility and be there for others to make a total assets improvement for everyone together in the society.

All the best for You with a Good Health
©author Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen

It does not Matter how we Mess up the Past as long as we do not screw up the present

It does not Matter how we Mess up the Past as long as we do not screw up the present.

For everyone, the past is passed, things may be repeated on certain times, but almost everything will never come back into our life.

So always looking forward to a better future is the main thing we need to reserve in mind and stick to it.

We must leave every past behind, just review things what has been happened to us, so it can be written as the history to set as a reminder gift for our future life.

We all can be improved from experiences through learning, but do not turn back to things which has already happened, because we cannot go back to the past again.

Let it be a lesson and rectify any mistakes we have made, so our feelings drawn improvise by the attitude, thereby we will be adopted to it.

Give expression of regret to the people and ourselves and let others understand that we know now on this point of time and perhaps not at the moment that we have done something wrong.

Proffer them an apology so that the book can be closed, then maybe we can continue a new chapter together in peace with joy.

We all make mistakes, either deliberately or unknowingly, and afterwards when we see the futility of it, we will have regret, but the lesson that we have learned will give the progress in our thinking.

Give each other enough space in life, because there are already enough problems in the world, so try to minimize the problems from us and talk more together if possible.

There are always events that will never have a solution, even being spoken with the sweetest words, but acceptance is the only way for termination of this.

It’s give and take in life, but between people its not easy to find a good balance, when we are satisfied and can accept with quiet and peace which shall prove the gratification.

We still live in the present, don’t ruin it, but we must make the best of it, let rest the past, because its has gone already, so our world will not decays, learn from it and improve to be better.

All the best for You with a Good Health

©author Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen

It is Sometimes Better to go a Conflict out of the Way so as to Preserve the Peace

peace 27_2599996044652432282_nIt is Sometimes Better to go a Conflict out of the Way so as to Preserve the Peace.

Every sane man with sense of responsibility is not looking for trouble but would like a balanced life with joy and no stress.

Will always try to find regularity and balance in their life rhythm where everything takes place in a relaxed manner with love and care.

They are aware and understand that take it through every difficulty is loosing unnecessary time and effort from us.

And because of that we must note that we gain nothing at all to get along with it and just can be wiser by the experience that we might learn with annoyance for protect us by a next time.

Let ourselves not be manipulated by others who probably themselves have no ability to do it and so another way to get it done through us.

By forcing and oppression things on this way they want to create difficulties to get done something, where they themselves are not suitable for.

An unwise idea, because everything will produce more results into communicate with a harmonious mood where everyone would be happy with.

Precisely by being rescheduled their behavior so they will loose the respect from others, who then mentally shall turn their back to them to prevent difficulties of the way.

In some cases it just does not make sense to go into something or start a discussion that will not solve problems.

Then it is wiser to accept and take loss in such a plight that otherwise only trouble will let it emerge that can turn into major problems.

That’s something that never can make up our day better, but difficulties might call an extended impact in the life of more issues and get headaches.

If we want to maintain inner peace for ourselves then sometimes it’s better not to think too much in a conflict and go it out of the way to preserve the peace so that we don’t lose self-control.

All the best for You with a Good Health

©author Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen

We Have the World in Our own Hands

We Have the World in Our own Hands


But then we must be all together strong and united to work.
Jointly we must understand that so after then subsequently we must fully work team wise to complete it.
The care reciprocal and not against but for each other.
No more minorities and all against discrimination, so that everyone on earth is equal.
Everyone has commensurate personal rights and duties.
So we can keep our life on earth in balance.
Do not cut down trees to make paper thereof after then cheerfully writing or printing on the paper “Protect our nature”
We must live on this earth globe and always remember to protect nature for our on health and others.
Stop the pollution and the elimination of nature and protect it.
And start thinking about the future for our next generation.
So that they can life with health and life opportunities.
Because with the commercialism of today and all the money earned thereby to become.
We must never forget that we our health with it never can buy back, if we are incurably ill.
As a result of all pollution of nature and poor air contaminants by human intervention try or for profit interests.


I wish You a Good and Healthy Life

Kindly Regards
© author Jan Jansen

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