Courage acquire to accomplish maximum objectives in our life,

Courage acquire to accomplish maximum objectives in our life

Courage acquire to accomplish maximum objectives in our life

Courage acquire to accomplish maximum objectives in our life,


Pursuit of a goal will fetch the most of our inner self, continue to strive for the best in our lives will create satisfaction by achieving it.
Research have shown that the majority of the population is lying when the question get asked “whether it is well with them” which is very huge on a population of more than 7 billion.
Not to be honest with ourselves or to others means that we are not satisfied and that give a pitifully feeling of discouragement.
In an examination giving wrong answers gives failing grades on our exam, but in everyday life to tells lies causes incredibility and loss of confidence.
Some may think they are smart to lie to others, but remember that others have minds and are not all crazy, so the truth will follow up.
Everything can always be better or worse going in life, but be satisfied with what we have now, that can give us the pleasure of what we need today.
Corrections are always welcome, but it will not be easy without as mental and physical energy to be invested and important is the belief in ourselves.
Someone or something we do not trust, we must not waste our energy on it, that will generate a lesser chance of make the grade to success.
Of course we can all improve our life with more dignity, where everyone has the benefits from in our environment.
But the main person are we ourselves with the greatest advantage of it, creating a respectful reflexive word and attitude is of our companions.
For everything we want to ameliorate, must to be done effort, it no matter with what, I still remember the words of my Father “the money lies on the street.”
Notwithstanding this, should not we stay home and sit at the window and watch the
drove past cars and next to count them, because then we are stuck and no making steps.
Get out and go to work harder to use force effort or intellectual sense by making new contacts or seek the right places for to increase our opportunities.
There are so many opportunities for to make a progress for ourselves with trying to finding new ideas and opportunities and to use or exploit them.
Everything we have to adapt for our own needs, but the clock does not stand still and time will be our enemy, if it is restricted for get something extra or improvements.
If we are not satisfied with something, and ourselves give well wishes in the mirror is it not wise to lie down in the whirlpool bathtub with hot water and bath foam.
Therewith we will meet no one new, and with await elapses valuable time that we can better invest well with the use of seek out new activities.
Often we have a standard daily schedule rhythm and we are so used to it that a change might bring of confusion, because we get outside our circle.
Frequently this comes, because of uncertainty in our minds that we can it not better, but if we are not satisfactory, we need to make changes in our life.
Well satisfied is just the force to let us be cheerfully, so it is unwise if we are not contented to hang still around in the same circle.
Step outward and explore the other side of life where we are rejoiced to get up and go back to sleep.
The moment that we found or reached with which we are satisfied it is not more easy to get out of balance or break us
Courage acquire to accomplish maximum objectives in our life, our intellect is between our ears, let’s use it by following our feelings with an approval.


All the best for You with a Good Health


author © Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen @77jjeb



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