Respect begins first within us before we can give it to others,

Respect begins first within us before we can give it to others

Respect begins first within us before we can give it to others

Respect begins first within us before we can give it to others,


Ourselves learn to know by experience that we go through in daily life and from there then to deal with it in a decent way is a prerequisite for ourselves and in social life.
Mastery and inner peace with ourselves is very important and that we have at the end of a conflict full control and it’s resolved in a peaceful manner.
A solution achieved where everyone is satisfied and proud of is true where after all again goes into our life as usual.
Having all under control is very crucial prevail for the further course of our daily life and our state of mind.
Losses our self confidence causes problems for ourselves and immediate environment in which there is a restlessness that difficult bring it to calm down.
By the resulting emotions which it seems as if a bomb is open cleft which has caused a psychological damage by emotion at each present individu.
We need to know our limits and learn by experience about what we get upset thus become and thereby not be affected and enter a misguided counteraction.
Also with what we end up in a good mood and keep these always in our thoughts for our inner feelings every day.
So also do not forget what makes us peevish and let crying brings with it, by inner grief or unexplained emotions.
An appropriate and decisive way is to figure out how we can avoid heartache with reverence to reduce our agony of sadness.
As with love or a bereavement, serious accident or illness of self or loved ones which can make us completely upset by the gravity of the situation but have to stay calm.
Handhold and keep control over the disposition of ourselves is very influential and relevant into deciding from carrying against reaction.
At a time when we are caught off guard by someone we believed in and trusted from our heart and find out that we are being cheated that hurts.
Then we will see the light of life just does not more seen shining and everything will be black in our mind within a whim emerging evil deeds, but be governed.
Solve this with a broad smile and an inner tear, am so strong to keep everything under domination and say goodbye whether we have never seen them before.
Of course there are circumstances where this is impossible, but we know at least the inner thinking of them and we need to be able to simmer down, appease ourselves.
If we have come at this point in our life, is it possible to triumph inner peace and peace with ourselves and has our body a victory scored for freedom.
Respect begins with us to give it to others, however, this is only possible if others act according to the rules of a decent citizen.


All the best for You with a Good Health


author © Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen @77jjeb



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