Be unique and ourselves compare with others give dissatisfaction,

 Be unique and ourselves compare with others give dissatisfaction

Be unique and ourselves compare with others give dissatisfaction

Be unique and ourselves compare with others give dissatisfaction.


If we want to be dissatisfied, we just have to blame ourselves that others do it better than us, or not to be happy with what we achieved today or already having now.
Something unique is we can not put opposite of each other, because then it’s no longer unique, and no one is perfect or exactly the same each one has different capabilities and intelligence.
Nobody is excluded from this, same as avoid having go to toilet or without food or water can survive on this planet.
We maybe not have all the same working functions in or on our body, but we are all equal with our thumping hearts on the left.
There are persons who think they are more than another, but that’s overconfidence in their minds, because to have more knowledge does not possess money or vice versa.
And we never must forget that health still is priceless and nobody have any influence on this, has or can look into the inner of his body and nature doing hopefully his job.
Normally, the rights and obligations of every mortal are the same, but this can sometimes vary, on the other hand, not something therefore to be jealous of someone.
Someone that inferior to others, values his own life not and should generally be pleased with a lot of respect to others.
Small fishes be able change to large fish and human periods from bad to good, or vice versa, which is a part of our life.
A character change is childish and a sign of immaturity without comprehension about life what every second can be different.
To have a mentality with haughtiness evidence is so deranged and meaningless, usually they do not even own it to deserves themselves, so basically a gift at birth.
Such individuals are a good example for us, where we can realise that the inner soul and executive appearance of man does not always come directly from the heart.
Personage humiliate or belittle, because of their lineage and ancestry than about this getting a gratification is an imperfection in sagacity or education at world class.
They have a short sensible way of thinking not to realize that not everyone has the good fortune to be born in opulence and luxury, as well as with cleverness.
Compare ourselves with others, because our eyes and minds to note that they have done it better than us, will only cause dissatisfaction for ourselves.
The grass at the neighbours is always greener, but that is not ours, be complacent with what we have today, with effort we can improve everything, nothing will be easy.
Our eyes and thoughts will always want to see more that in our own area, which is a natural ability gift to keep us active in life and society.
Give for propose to take and show respect against each good or evil, we have fortunately understand that choices can be made, so do it also in a decent way.
Do not easy to disgruntled when it comes on bad times or if we have less than another this will always remain so in life.
Let it just motivate us to better do more our best and put the best leg in front causing it to take steps for bring progress in a respected way of relating with other fellowman.
Unique are and compare ourselves with others still gives dissatisfaction, living our own life and doing this at best, be wise and do not compare ourselves with others will bring only discontentment.
Stay alive within our own living conditions.


Het allerbeste toegewenst met een goede gezondheid


auteur © Jan Jansen @auteurjanjansen @bestenieuws @easyjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @77jjeb



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