Acceptance and be fair to others gives equality,

Acceptance and be fair to others gives equality

Acceptance and be fair to others gives equality

Acceptance and be fair to others gives equality,


Citizens who understand that we are all born the same, so are equal from birth maybe not with growth capacity, possibilities or financial resources but as a human being.
Each other differentiated by discrimination, because by born we come to earth at a different place into the world and might look different this distinguish us not as human.
Everyone thoughts are otherwise with a different look, whereby we are unique, also in doings everyone has their own preference but we all stay as people.
Uncertain, because of our origins with judgments of others who maybe do not even have visited our country and rely on gossip of others or the media is so erroneously.
In a country where millions of people live, we can not judge if a few people or leaders do something incorrectly, as the rest of population has no influence on it.
Or if our country accidentally is less developed as another country, that gives someone else no rights to criticise our residents, about their life situation.
It’s all such a narrow-minded way of thinking and never gives peace or tranquility in the world if we do not realise that every person is equal, regardless of his skin color or origin.
An excellent example of the remarkable mind of a human, against the migrants fellowmen in their country that is :
While in their thoughts and feelings they are against a foreigner, but when every time a migrant scored in their favourite sports team are pleased with the performance and that accepting with a loud cheer.
So strange is the mentality and train of thoughts of a human, with the possibility to taking advantage, there is another reasoning, but why and where is the difference, because it is still a stranger.
When wrongdoing coming the fear a contradictory danger and can us precipitate for starting wrongdoing to cover this and therewith try to protect ourselves.
We may not want to offend anyone else, but by discriminatory spoken words and subsequent similar acts we do it and this will be no longer a secret.
But why some civilians do this and why they can not just judge everyone as a human being and after our own experiences we can or make a judgment about that person.
Not directly have a judgement over their entire population, because they have done nothing good or wrong to us on that timeframe.
So please wake up and come by consciousness not begin too soon to judge.
Everywhere on the globe there are good and bad people, there is hot and cold weather with crime and righteousness among every population.
Judging is so easy, but are we speaking or thinking the truth or whether it is just a thought that comes from ourselves or by the influence of others and we follow this to succeeding.
Life is already so difficult for ourselves for the most individuals to find the reason of life and why humanity both other earthlings are here.
Especially if there is no peace then what is the meaning of our life?
Always live in fear and insecurity is something we would rather not think about, so it’s better to be nice and clear to each other and with all possible assistance to help and accept each other.
We really are not different from others, and at everybody their birth is the as same with us and must also cut our umbilical cord, regardless of our origin.
Acceptance and be fair to others gives equality and a peaceful prosperous future, please start today and change the world with solidarity in peace.


All the best for You with a Good Health


author © Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen @77jjeb



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