Translucency and strength in life is to be able to sympathise.,

Translucency and strength in life is to be able to sympathise

Translucency and strength in life is to be able to sympathise

Translucency and strength in life is to be able to sympathise.,


There are many dangers lurk in our life especially when we meet someone who has a malicious character flaw or does and not recognizes it or want to glance over themselves.
Whereby just more trouble may come in the future by dealing with individuals who have the personality or apply itself by use thereof.
There are in my view no persons waiting of this, everyone wants a peaceful life without frustrations so they can start relaxing and carefree going on in their life.
Mindless people who do not think make trouble, others would gladly live in harmony with one another in a friendly atmosphere.
Anyone can sometimes have a jarring or war of words with each other in a dialogue to negotiate with a discussion and can be resolved quickly.
After which through peaceful consultation on a disagreement all talked out and resolved to be back together at all satisfied with a peace treaty.
Character qualities change rapidly on our planet especially as we get older and have more experiences by responding wisely to incidents.
It’s very important never to lose the exculpation of our innocence, so we can maintain the purity of our mind and solve everything with one another.
Then we can intelligible our discussion in every conversation convey to others.
Where we are able to apologize in any misconduct or disagreement and to reconcile with an agreement and unanimity.
A deliberation between two or several individuals give a diplomatic conclusion.
So as to realize that everyone has a disability with deficiencies which may interfere wrong to others
Where a good will is with intelligent people to clarify everything in harmony and apologise when is necessary then everyone will understand it.
Being united together is strong again, after a following dispute communication coming with a similar agreement and decision is that making the way out free for mutual harmony.
Show sympathy and same feeling with each other after a decent exchange of views to instantly forgetting unwilling mistakes and behaviours.
And what happened just now, belonged to history and the past in order to move forward with a peaceful mind thinking about the future is the sign of our maturity.
Factual realities are never to turning back, but after an excuse and understandable explanation we have then understood it with a acceptance.
Than forgive to bestow or turn a blind eye and neglect it in our mind we can continue with the inner peace in our life.
Forgiveness each other by the sincerity of our character shows that we have the translucency and strength in life is to be able to sympathize
Innocence in life is to follow honesty and realize that affection our strength must be to a peaceful life in a rational unified process for our future.


All the best for You with a Good Health


author © Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen @77jjeb




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