By trial and error with bitterness to a smart person,


By trial and error with bitterness to a smart person


By trial and error with bitterness to a smart person,


Our existence on earth is going forwards to a destiny without a guaranteed program.
For us all a great life-lesson so we can after mistakes perfect our-self with improvements which we feel valued.
In our life we will encounter many different types of people with both a reliable or malignant character.
It is there for us with the opportunity that we ourselves may choose to put forth this relationship further.
Through a partner, friendship relationship or connection and just a good day at every encounter, or a fully farewell.
Moreover, we must realize ourselves well why was this meeting for a relationship created and what was the reason.
This may be an important basic order to be able for make an estimation which can generated the value at this new relationship.
For the reason that there will be for us in life to endure much mental setbacks, through all kinds of situations.
Fortunately also times that we think inwardly in our heart that life is still amazingly beautiful and righteous.
Our life is just one big challenge to improve ourselves constantly and prepare for a new setback.
Never give up and stay positive through dreams after every circumstance and use it as a warning and teachings.
For improvements and at the same time a protection for our further curriculum with the application of a rectification.
A predator will never warn in advance when the attack will happen.
Therefore it is always’ s best prepared and to be thoughtfulness each time again.
Also have a perceptive view on all by intelligence and our inner road with yet caution.
Namely every setback into a corresponding human life.
Causes and presence of a personal loss made that it psychological irreplaceable is.
Each decision will have a responsibility to ourselves.
Before taking a protection and support for ourselves was to create no unnecessary stupidities that can effectuate to do us physical pain.
Guarantees on our decisions, we will never get through every now and then our uncertainty by trust in a unreliable person.
Not always, we will make a good estimate and will be regularly mistaken by the lure of a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
At each erroneous perception that we took, we have to accept it.
So we have to think positive and realize wiser to have become about it and can take a better decision next time.
Because, by trial and error with bitterness we become a smarter person.
Encountering mental injury is never good, thereby it can influenced our life, because it harmed our trust in the humanity.
Actually, it is required to make well-advises decisions in life to defend ourselves against psychological difficulties.
Any person or place where we feel safe ourselves is like a treasure chest have in our life.

All the best for You with a Good Health


author © Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen @77jjeb




4 thoughts on “By trial and error with bitterness to a smart person,

  1. Indeed but we also need to realize – and damn it’s hard – that as long as we need someone to be happy we won’t. It’s when we want the relationship but know we are complete and happy without it that we are ready for the real deal.

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