In human life is a time to arrive and go away,

In human life is a time to arrive and go away

In human life is a time to arrive and go away

In human life is a time to arrive and go away,


Life is not always easy and can sometimes be complicated.
Without us knowing or asking certain things can happen or we get to know individuals, which better we never met them.
So as we also get to know people, that we never would to miss out of our life.
We have a so good feeling about them with trust and respect.
They comply with a heart of gold and contain the whole view of life.
With full respect they follow the rules established by the government and realize the standards of humanity together.
Appreciate every friendship and interpret the useful aspects from their hearts.
Have taken note of that live alone can be lonely and creates a bond of friendship added value to each his existence on earth.
After all, we all know out of experience that many contacts can give great benefits.
Connections are actually almost indispensable in our progressive existence.
There will be regular between contacts good and better ones with an excellent or illicit relationship, where we would learn from.
We will also meet unmotivated people who just want to create easy ways to add value to their life.
And entirely we will met regularly people crosses our path with no respect or remorse for others.
Remains over a selection of friends that we have to choose from among inventions and experiences.
There are plenty of individuals who we bump and they give more effort as we for get a constructive relationship.
To find the individual that everything holds hundred percent true and that everything is perfect will not be easy and is almost totally excluded.
That we might see in a movie or in a dream and so have maybe the desire to it, but in reality no one is perfect.
And to be the so called perfectionist, would be almost an impossible thing.
Since there will always be someone better, but the perfect one to a person can be a successful option.
Accept that people arrive and buzz off in our life.
Some will come with a specific purpose, but appreciate those who left footprints to us with a good memory and inner feeling.
And enjoy from the excellent meetings with the right connections to be ourselves with the gentility from our heart.
Respect a character who ever or now left footprints behind in our heart.

All the best for You with a Good Health


author © Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen @77jjeb




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