Many cultures in our world have the same wishes,

Many cultures in our world have the same wishes

Many cultures in our world have the same wishes

Many cultures in our world have the same wishes,


It is amazing how many different varieties humans there are on this planet with a different way of thinking and upbringing.
When we walk on the street or search in online media, we see how many different skin colors are there.
But in our minds we would imagine it.
But by research into it at we shall be just surprised and it is almost unbelievable as many as there are.
It is also quite interesting to know that there are over two hundred other nations and that everyone speaks a different language with many different habits.
That is, as each his own utterances and languages used we just can not understand each other and proves to be an impossible communication.
Quite strange to get than a certain impression and it seems unfeasible and impossible but it is true.
Fortunately everyone has his heart in the same left place in his body and the desires to almost everyone the same also with rights.
The first is to stay healthy, then a peaceful life, happiness and a life without too much difficulty in common concerns.
Or is wealth, wealthy and power for the majority on first and foremost?
Some people hope for something, others expect it and the successive see what happens in their life, as long as it is in a healthy harmony.
With a Peaceful attitude to one another all wishes would be better distributed in this global.
So that all cultures look in proportion with each other to find together solutions that will provide satisfaction and happiness for all people.
We have so many different races and skin colours on this earth in peace it will give to anyone sun-rays.
Be justifiable and kindly to one another is the recommendation for a better future to all of us.


All the best for You with a Good Health


author © Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen @77jjeb



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