Weakness we have all, but no one is a weakling.,

Weakness we have all, but no one is a weakling

Weakness we have all, but no one is a weakling

Weakness we have all, but no one is a weakling.,


We all have unprecedented powers in our body.
We often underestimate ourselves and dare not anywhere to start, because we think we do not have the abilities or qualities for it.
But knowledge we can learn or gain experience by doing, so with nothing and nowhere to start, we will always keep the weak in this area.
Every champion or successful person was first a novice and needy by powerlessness on the core idea of the matter.
In it we are all equal, but the options vary by individual rather significantly differ from the history of the parents, family or mentally.
Or the learning process may slow by less picking up the material but with patience and commitment, we can begin to gain practical experience.
Which we will gradually further assist and field dependence structure will then also give us the message about all substance.
Inflexibility we should ignore if we want something we’ll have to fight for it with our character before and always find a way to get it done so.
With a positive attitude and enough faith in ourselves, we can challenge all powerless problems and try to convert them into functional cooperative prospects.
Never give courage quickly and show self-confidence, because nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Always try to make an evaluation of our capabilities and how we can expand at a physical shortage or Knowledge.
Bundle our forces together and go for it, surprising ourselves and lay our border through with perseverance and motivation to overcome the enthusiasm.
In order to let the change take place with an improvement in our life.
We have all the fervor of us to persevere with an effort, everyone has their weaknesses, but no one is a weakling.
With a positive attitude, we will get more done and meet quicker our happiness.


All the best for You with a Good Health


author © Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen @77jjeb www.janjansen.guru



2 thoughts on “Weakness we have all, but no one is a weakling.,

  1. We misunderstand weakness big time. We think that being strong is being rigid, inflexible and willful while being strong is the ability to change and adapt, to open our hearts to life and accept it’s moving face and the opportunities it throws at us. In order to be strong we need to feel everything as it is and decide moment by moment how to adapt.

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