Eliminate ominous sensations out of our life.

Eliminate ominous sensations out of our life

Eliminate ominous sensations out of our life


Eliminate ominous sensations out of our life.


Good, bad and better times.
Such as uphill, downhill and above or over the top that’s where we all have to deal with no one exceptional of it.
It need not always to be financial setbacks, because they do the least pain.
But it can also be mental pain what will cause substantial changes in ourselves, even also with substantial windfalls.
Psychologically we are all as human beings not even strong and have self-control not all equally well under control.
Life give us sometimes no more advice or nevertheless we are well aware to finding for ourselves an effective solution or control our behavior.
In our life it’s so normal with highs and lows for each one that developmental psychology in our pedagogy existence on earth will give.
If something terrible happened in our life, it is difficult directly to say goodbye to it.
The wisest and a good requirement for ourselves is to immediately afterwards make a new start from that moment with a positive contribution.
Therefore it is better to prepare our own everywhere for in our dreams as we end up in the most unusual or excessive situations.
You can then take care of using a fresh beginning to start using again with our full understanding.
All the bad memories to erase and forget from our memory and the life conducive to welcoming with new events.
Let all the negative behind us and to open a new starting life with positive energy and intelligently.
Think of new developments and experience joy and satisfaction in the new coming era.
That promised to ourselves and also fulfilled the promise with pride and good attitude towards others will raise dust.
So that later we can say in the mirror this was a brilliant new beginning at the end of all unpleasant experiences to ourselves.
Forget unfortunate experiences that will not help us and will not give us the feeling of prosperous or happiness.
But it will be a pitfall in our future attitudes and positions in future actions.
So if we want to dream and want enjoying a better life with satisfaction without too much thinking about the consequences.
We must eliminate all ominous sensations out of our life in order to undisturbed continue go on with a smile.


All the best for You with a Good Health


author © Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen @77jjeb www.janjansen.guru



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