Our life is a long journey, be prepared to advance or retreat in any situation



Our life is a long journey, be prepared to advance or retreat in any situation.


We will all experienced a constellation in which we saw the state of affairs but cannot control or understand the situation at all.
There is many kind situation that we are going to be faced in our life, so we have to learn to be more flexible.
When the confrontation with others is getting out of control, and there is no way to solve this blind, we can feel hopeless due to losses of energy.
While dealings with this code of conduct, sometimes it is better to turn back and look for an alternative route to continue our journey and accept the loss in proportion.
Conflict with an altercation or scuffle is a disapproving experience at all times and this passive behavior give an unpleasant mood for us.
That’s not worth to get ourselves to be caught up in the muddle because this will be give us a frightful day.
It is better to mix things up and give our mind a forward-thinking option with imagination, so we can work on what could be happened next.
By such affair can transform our whole life into an uncomfortable situation, thus we might only have to swallow it, then have the regret later.
It would also be a shortsighted philosophy of us, then we have to go through it and be dragged by emotions and injustice without future recognition.
Prepared for a withdraw or a forward-thinking imagination in a circumstance could improve the chances of our life, because human life is more than just today.
This situation or person / persons we no more need to see or hear them.
Because it will hurt our soul and evoke unpleasant memories that will have a change every time we meet our mood.
Nature (Karma) and the legal system will deal in the long run with this situation or person / persons.

All the best for You with a Good Health


author © Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen @77jjeb www.janjansen.guru



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