Stressful events change the mindset of a human

Stressful events change the mindset of a human

Stressful events change the mindset of a human


Stressful events change the mindset of a human.


We are all born with innocent thoughts and brought the best to perform what is in our parents and our own equity.
All precautionary measures before must be carried out by our parents and they will sacrifice their own to give us an existence so safe as possible on this planet.
With everything that they have experienced and give problems to their own, they try to teach us so well as possible for our protection.
They have already experienced many things in their life, some has bad memories left in their souls and want to save us from it, sometimes it seemed excessive to us.
But now we ourselves have reached a certain age and more than a dozen experiences richer, we know why we were warned that time.
Stubborn as we were at that time when we do not want to listen, are we now being confronted with itself and would be happy to assist others now with it, because we know what a pain it can leave in a human.
Through trial and error we get wiser, unfortunately, is that so and every experience gives us a new impression and sometimes a warning how dangerous it can be.
Maybe not dangerous in the sense that it is risky but any such thing which leave lasting memories and pain with us and we can not let it go.
Our thinking and mindset is totally changed and therefore also confidence in other people can cause a significant adverse impact.
Lucky strike in some cases also a very positive picture and experience.
Always be optimistic and cheerful with a benevolent mood and convincing that everything will be okay if we achieve on our own work and ourselves are committed.
After setbacks we are cautious and by windfalls some are overconfident which give us the opportunity that we the next time tapped on our-fingers as a gift.
We must allow ourselves to realise that we undergo many events in life.
So that we by every experience in which becoming have a chance to learn our lesson for increase our intelligence.
By seeing all equal or as a negative image we will never be able to get life experience and knowledge to become wiser, therefore acknowledge and recognise it that’s wisdom.
We can interpret in different ways and include in our life, but in fact we should be happy that we came in and get the opportunity to learn.
Sooner or later we would maybe something met that does go wrong are brought into contact.
And we likely cannot cope it without knowing, so the sooner the confrontation how quicker there is a solution and especially for the subsequent time.
Experiences have a great influence on our behaviour and reaction in life, how depressive and melancholy we might see it the harder this will get.
Let stressful events or incidents us as human beings not change, but see it as a positive experience that cooperate to improve our future.
Let the light shine in the dark environment of our mind and heart to move positive forwards in our life.


All the best for You with a Good Health


author © Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen @77jjeb




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