Love is Not what we Thinking but What our Heart Feels.

Love is Not what we Thinking but What our Heart Feels.

Love is Not what we Thinking but What our Heart Feels.


Love is Not what we Thinking but What our Heart Feels.


If we have many problems, solutions will help us to feel better, or a lot of attention and love that other thoughts to us bestow to alleviate suffering.
But one thing is sure whether it is good or bad, we all need love and a buddy who we can trust to share our feelings.
Someone who is there when we need them, but there also is when everything goes well and our first preference goes out to them , because that shows our heart feelings for them.
The inner love has no limits and is always there without making an appointment unexpectedly at a eye contact or by an intense and passionate feeling from the heart.
Its a temperamental and passionate sincere desire emotionally driven by a profound impression which makes our blood flow faster through the nerves that arise.
At that moment it is as if a bomb explodes in our bodies with many questions without answers what others might think, it is mutual or only one so madly.
All sorts of requirements go through our mind and we would like strong to proclaim it to as seek information directly and then simultaneously hear what the other is thinking.
But perhaps we are too modest for to fail or afraid to be disappointed, full of nerves and warm-blooded excitement.
Infatuation is one of the most unconscious moments in our lives where we can enjoy of infinite if it clicks and is mutual.
Where our heart beats faster than the clock and the time goes too fast, so we create memories that we later still thinking in our memory.
The heart feels than what we think, because that’s real love.
Where trust is the leader to keep love.


All the best for You with a Good Health


author © Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen @77jjeb



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