We have to cultivating a beautiful heart so that it will not keep anger,

We have to cultivating a beautiful heart so that it will not keep anger

We have to cultivating a beautiful heart so that it will not keep anger

We have to cultivating a beautiful heart so that it will not keep anger


A beautiful character we all have at birth, but by emotion and abusing our orientation may change that.
The focus is on our sentiment like that get affected by certain key issues we do not feel more comfortable and are disappointed .
The emotion has gripped our conscience and indignant, why this had to happen in such wisecracking and refined way.
Elegant and comely give us another idea dazzling and amazing is their succeeded in giving the whole, which we are indignant.
Antipathy is therefore acted with essence en enthusiasm alike and our inner sense is affected with pain, because we can not understand in order to treat someone like this.
The emotions may have occurred over the major culprit in our lives if we do not have that under control and thus lose control, and so we get more in trouble , which is an advantage for the other can be our behavior .
When there is anger and hatred arises is that bad for our state and mood , it can provide our entire sensibility sentiment into a lion.
Undo our good will and bring us bad thoughts which we can convert into violence and frenzy which does not suit us.
We are known as a charitable and nice person and feel comfortable with it , why would we change the poor approach of another.
After all, everyone gets what they deserve in life, why should we throw away our lives through this bad experience and want to reciprocate.
It is best to move on with our lives and take their whole and what happened goodbye and let nature do its work and law.
Let them think they are quite and did the right thing and know inside us who will be the winner and an unscrupulous feeling remains.
Let our mood change too much, and the main thing is to know that we are not wrong and continue with a reassuring heart.
Anger and hatred would only make things worse and probably will not be the solution, let the legal system and the nature all effect tones with forces .
Our hearts must be pure , without anger or hatred and affection to accept love and peace, not retribution .
A rhine heart with a positive attitude will always get a cultivating effect.
Always take the opportunity in our own hands to be amazing and have a good feeling.


All the best for You with a Good Health


author © Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen @77jjeb www.janjansen.guru



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