Try to be a Low-Profile Person but do all things with a lofty Ambition

Try to be a Low-Profile Person but do all things with a lofty Ambition

Try to be a Low-Profile Person but do all things with a lofty Ambition

Try to be a Low-Profile Person but do all things with a lofty Ambition

If we are with good healthy and financially well, we can pay the bills and doing the additional things, then we should have nothing to complain, because we are among the lucky persons on this planet.
We should be insanely happy if everything goes so well with us,and thereby we have the intelligence with plenty of opportunities to earn prosperity.
Have an income above the average of mankind is a bliss where we can also be thrifty and having the proud in ourselves with joy.
With a simplicity thought, our life can go on, but when there is a multiplication of opportunities infront of us, we also have to spend more than the average citizen.
But because we have more money, that does not mean that we are more than them, perhaps we just had a windfall from this fluke since ever we were born.
Having more money does not mean that there is more understanding, and possess an additional intelligence does not indicate that there is wealthy, because it is all so relative as we might be facing with bad luck in certain part of our life.
Be ambitious in life and always keep our both feet on the ground, never think want to exceed the person around us, live our own life and not for others, because then things might goes wrong.
Our behavior or activity performed with conscious restraint or modesty and not to attract attention is a way of life that will be appreciated by many.
Everyone will be respectful with this valuable approach , always dealing with kindness will bring added value to every person.
Give a respectful treatment to others indicates that we’re living a peaceful life, to look down on those less fortunate on this earth is a behavior that should be impermissible.
To keep the world in balance, while we have the ability to earn a respectable living for ourselves, we should try to be low-profile and offering our help back to others in the society who need it.
Ambition of the man gives us the great example, everyone is unique, we were not all born with the same chances, but on our deathbed we all have the same low profile.
Unleash All good opportunities in life.

All the best for You with a Good Health

author © Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen @77jjeb


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