Liberate One Another or Caught Taking in life.

Liberate One Another or Caught Taking in life

Liberate One Another or Caught Taking in life

Liberate One Another or Caught Taking in life

Life can be stuffy and give a feeling of being trapped.
Related with something where we not want to be allied with it.
But by unwanted circumstances they have come in touch and stay stuck with it.
Whether it was in the beginning all relaxed rose fragrance and moonshine but over time that changed into a hell.
Something or someone was consciously aim to win the heart for a certain greedy interest but emerged with no success their true character was what our sense change to the feeling like a prisoner.
Than our freedom get thereby affected, because our inner feeling at that moment can not say goodbye.
We have been fooled, but do not realize it by our passionate desire for something more than bad.
Its liberation give us the deserved breath and honest feelings, but we are in a maze or cobweb of undeserved.
We are than all happy with a justified liberation.
Freed of all charges.
Freed from a life without worries.
Freed from climate change.
Freed from economic influences.
Freed from currency fluctuations.
Freed from violence and wars.
Freed from apartheid and discrimination.
Freed from corruption and bribery.
Freed from unjust rulers.
Freed from illegal practices.
Freed from much more impure things.
Each other liberate or imprisoned.
Freedom to each other or capture.
Releasing One Another or caught Taking.
Liberty to each other and write at least one wrongful things up what I forget here under in a comment so others can think about it.

All the best for You with a Good Health

author © Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen @77jjeb


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