If we truly love and care for something, set it free, because Freedom is the most precious gift somebody can give away


If we truly love and care for something, set it free, because Freedom is the most precious gift somebody can give away.

Sometimes we are so afraid of losing what we love dearly, so we want to incarcerate ourselves together with our sweetest one at somewhere.
But that would not be boldly and to a certain extent everyone wants freedom and no one wants to be captured or locked up with an oppressive feelings.
Siting behind the lock and bolt give not freedom, and after a longer time this will not be accepted at some point, because it is impossible to feel happily with it.
When something are being forced, it will not bring love, but instead growing our inner frustrations which may create the discomfort feeling forth to hateful.
We are all people of flesh and blood, and everybody have feelings which can trigger jealousy, this is very natural but we should not exaggerated on it.
It’s give and take in life, so even if we fall in love with something, we still need to have some adjustments, because everyone is unique and think differently.
Thus, selfishness concerns gather no good relationship, because we have to go through the same door together and agree to have a good future with each other.
Freedom is priceless, nobody can truly controlled others, so the best is set them free, because controlling others is a real bad habit.
What can give us more satisfaction is when we love someone and can casually take care everything for that person which will create a wonderful feeling for us.
We should give this person the freedom to be together without any commitments, and fortunately for us is that everything arises from love and understanding for each other.
Award the freedom to someone else as what we want from our own feelings, and make decisions from unbound happiness, then to be carried out in cooperation and enjoying this with a satisfaction.
When our partner / relationship understands completely and love it with consents that we can do together which probably can give a joyful and fortunate addition to our life at that moment.
Then freedom is still the most precious gift we can give away to someone we love, and therefore it also will give ourselves a happy feeling.


All the best for You with a Good Health

author © Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen www.janjansen.guru


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