We will not be reaching the peak of our life when we still carrying resentment within us from yesterday


We will not be reaching the peak of our life when we still carrying resentment within us from yesterday.

To enjoy freedom and liberty is something everyone probably will not say no, we all like to be independent and can do what we want.
Have a life for ourselves, so that we can afford to do what we want or possess the strength to organize that.
The sovereignty is in our mind and it’s a godsend opportunities that would be something which can aspire most of us to unwinding it.
Possess an unchanged wealth, so that we we can afford for every change we want to, that would be a privilege in which we normally only can dreamed about it.
Independence in life is a prerogative that we almost can fulfill all our wishes without stress and have a ecstasy of extreme happiness.
Our spontaneity would create an impulsiveness, where a pure and innocent behavior is normal for the positively and happiness into our existence on earth.
The only thing can upset us is other earthlings with evil intentions.
This would allow us to feel annoyed and abetted, causing irritation and possibly arise anger, tingling hatred thus can unleashed the offensive into us.
But the best is to ignore it and to banish that kind of contacts who only give negative aspects into our life, in order to keep us away from negative energy, so we won’t be wasting our time with a sad thoughts.
Enemy or hateful feelings would only give us more trouble, life is not at to set up a trap for each other, we are here on earth to serve each other with integrity, decency and having fun together.
If we still carry the resentment of yesterday with us in our mind today, we will never be able to reach the peak of our life or won’t be enjoying the  tranquility feel.
Let the dark side of another does not affect our peaceful life.

All the best for You with a Good Health

author © Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen www.janjansen.guru


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