Success is far from our reach if we ever keep ourselves continuous in the comfort zone.


Success is far from our reach if we ever keep ourselves continuous in the comfort zone.


Some are satisfied with the life they have now, but others are success adventurers who want to have more challenges by keeping their tension.
Because that will entail success and performance drive for a competitive spirit which give nerves now and then it is difficult to keep our tensions in check.
Our life will never be different or special as we have a standard life and try to always behave like a sheep in the herd.
It is also quite daring to try something new, but it’s necessary if we want to make changes for our present life.
Successes involve risks and extremes, that is also true in sports where we need to push the limits over our boundaries with a lot of training for a better performance.
Remain idle is just not right if we want to get the prosperity, so we have to show our courage and go for it.
It is always pleased to relax and enjoy luxurious, not too much to do and feel comfortable in somewhere, but it just costs money and will not help us to move up higher.
Either we are able to afford it and only spend money, or when we not be able to afford must combine it with fun to do our business, but that not will give good outcome for everyone.
The adventurers will never sit still and read a book all day but wants to create their stories and practice it themselves.
Always tries to outdo themselves and realizes that performance is what counts in order to be credible and be successful.
There are of course always some setbacks to overcome, because a new world champion is born every year, but a go-getter will always be able to reach his goal.
To achieve victories for ourselves we will have to move us out of the comfort zone, as keeping snow under the sun with the risks and setbacks to accept the loss.
Only then is it possible to cheer ourselves outside the comfort zone and enjoy success by the range of wealth.

All the best for You with a Good Health

author © Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen @easy_branches


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