Maturity is the way how we can quickly recover from a temporary setback

Maturity is the way how we can quickly recover from a temporary setbackjan jansen life 0913_o

If we ourselves always immature and behave like a children then it seems that we have learned nothing from our experience, and that will raised question to others.

Immature or playful can be two different things but it is actually a sign of weakness in self-assurance.

Take full responsibility of all the common issues is a sign of strength, with the confidence knowing that there is always a solution.

Even though the mountain is so high, we can always reach the top with our perseverance, strength, knowledge and patience.

Always willing to admit our mistakes, because everyone makes it.

And when we can take the responsibility, there will also be a respected solution for everybody.

Sometime to admit wrong doing is just indicate that we are not afraid to accept the consequences of our mistakes, and this is guarantees an act by an adult.

Most of us will suffer in different kinds of setbacks in life, its all dependent on ourselves whether want to be sorrow or how quickly we can recover from there.

Everyone has their own ability and we should not have the feelings of shame of our defeats in order to prepare for a rapid restoration.

We should not store all the setbacks in our minds, move on instead and take the responsibility for it so we can proudly find a solution and our life goes on with a smile.

The best behaviour we can have it to accept the mistake done by us.

Because taking the responsibility of it is a sign of maturity, it is also more likely can provide a solution to the help for others who respect our behavior.

Nobody will rectify us with our own immature and childish act.

Be mature and behave like an adult, the solution is usually nearer than we often think if we are able to accept full responsibility.

All the best for You with a Good Health

author © Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen


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