A Kind and Beautiful Heart is Something That can not be Obtained with Money

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A Kind and Beautiful Heart is Something That can not be Obtained with Money.

Our character and behavior can determine the acceptance and position of ourselves throughout the world, it can also be very useful in our meetings with other companions on earth.

It is not something that we can buy with money, but it is our inner feeling which is given by our parents about having the helpfulness mindset for society.

We can either improve our character by ourselves over the years or deteriorate it, this is much depending on following our own thoughts and the ways how we adjust to it.

Be decent and friendly cost nothing for every person, and a pleasant communication will always end up peacefully with pleasure.

Be helpful to others then we will also always be valued, so they will be thankfull to us at that moment and this benefit for most people in the long term, while there are always been some exceptions.

If everything goes well in life, then it will be easier for us to express a relaxed and gentle nature toward others.

Positive attitude in life actually already indicates how we feel and the only difference is with whom we can tolerate about how we are, this make it easy for ourselves and everyone around us.

Money can make people change their character and can buy a person to do something, but someone with true temperament and respect their own dignity will not go for it.

A nice or kind heart will never be obtained by money, the nature and character is dependent of essence and mental insertion with a backbone of personality is those essential elements that give us a true personality and spiritual strength.

author Jan Jansen

All the best for You with a Good Health

author © Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen


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