If we Can Make the People Around us Happy, this will Give us the Satisfaction

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If we Can Make the People Around us Happy, this will Give us the Satisfaction

If we want a lonely life without having friends, the only thing we have to do is much thinking and doing for ourselves, do not understand others and treat their particularly bad so the choice to leave far away from us is easy for them.
Egoistic and selfish is similar to go to the forest with a bandsaw and saw the trees with a blindfold, and sawing until the fuel runs out and then see what kind off damage we have caused.
That is in life the same if we only think of ourselves all of the beautiful and loving what flourishes around us will destroyed if we don’t take care of it carefully.
It’s life and let it live, take care of others is take care of ourselves, giving is receiving, so everyone can find peace and impossible be dissatisfied.
The responsibility will always lie within ourselves, we must first sow than harvesting, with taking the wrong character and apply indecent, we do not have to rely on kindness.
Amiable and gracious with the other fellows will service to us and can come in contact with the appropriate and respectful people.
Benevolent to adapt to the situation where we will go in or can easily give satisfaction with a happy feeling.
For people with many demands is often difficult to adjustment, which creates dissatisfaction and frustration which may spread to the people in their immediate environment through their behavior.
So there will be no pleasant or relaxing atmosphere and it will be uncomfortable for everyone to even change that.
If we like to live in self-satisfaction, we can start giving happiness on the people that surround us to make ourselves happy.

All the best for You with a Good Health
©author Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen


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