Attitude determines how well we are in doing everything

Attitude determines how well we are in doing everything.

How good we are doing is determine by our attitude towards life and that will be the determines to reach for others.

Opportunities in life create through our attitude and from the respect that we give to others, this also creating more goodwill as the opportunities come to undertake something all together.

If we ourselves are not motivated to do something, we will never have the opportunities to be dexterity in our knowledge.

Our own interest and willingness can decide what we want to achieve in life, the more energy and time we spend into something, the better the results and benefits we will be getting there.

That’s just one indication of ourselves if we want to obtain something in life thus we will have no problem for doing so.

It is a prerequisite to adapt ourselves to the community with decent statements and a respectable attitude towards fellow human beings.

Everywhere make trouble over trifles will yield no appreciation but result in a bad reputation and become widespread more faster than we think.

Trust and friendships which achieve with peaceful intentions will be admired throughout the world.

Caution should also be taken into account, as the kitten will be disadvantaged quicker than a tiger.

But a kitten will be coddle faster than a lion, so be ourselves and the determination is therefore can be evaluated easily.

To do everything well is almost impossible because there are no chefs who can cook to feed the mouths from all the different culture.

But our own attitude determines whether we are open to learn something or adapt it so then we have the possiblity to do everything.

All the best for You with a Good Health

©author Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen


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