The most Precious Things are Free but are Poorly Maintained

jan jansen love 9_1215349564_nThe most Precious Things are Free but are Poorly Maintained.

Many things have so much value in our lives that they are priceless and we get it for free because there is no currency in the world where we could pay this with.

Nature, love, health, family relationships, friendships, relationships, experiences, etc. all free, it must only be maintained for a progression and a longer duration.

As most people would even think better and realize that our health is most important in our life, then we would handle it better.

But as long as everything goes well, were not realize it, and think about it too easy, but at the moment we get sickness or if difficulties arise with our body come the consciousness.

Some know that something is bad for health but absorb it anyway until starting problems and then it’s too late, often they are already addicted to it and can stop either anymore or at least it will become very difficult to do.

Our body constitution get at birth and as we are now born directly as healthy or insalubrious we must never neglect and be careful with it.

Giving love is easy, because we ourselves have control over it and to whom we want to give this, but love received is different so if we are so lucky to have pointed than frugal and try to give all that back.

Cherish family, friendship, relationships, etc. and keep them stand, because they can be more important than financial resources in our life, but many individuals will only be realize when the time comes.

Everything relates to our life on earth are valuable things and need many attention with care, and the main ones are even free.

All the best for You with a Good Health

©author Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen


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