Sometimes we Need to do something Wrong to learn what is right

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Sometimes we Need to do something Wrong to learn what is right

No one ever encounter somebody who can do everything perfectly, but we see people improve their life and learn from the mistakes (wrong) every day.

Mistakes can give us a disappointing or depressed feeling but if we think positively, it will only make us stronger.

“Without suffering, there will be no gain”, so it ‘s fine to commit mistakes but the most important thing is that we can learn from them and to get progression.

Someone who again and again to be repetitive and not learn from it will never get themselves out of trouble.

Every mistake will just be a learning process and if we are being decent and courteous to everyone with a proper behavior, that will give a satisfying feeling for us and others.

If we make mistakes, we can also recover quickly by an apology, even we will loss by substantive errors in some cases.

Sometimes we need to suffer from our own mistakes so that we will remember it to be more careful for next time.

A distinguished citizen would never do anything wrong intentionally in his life, but to everyone’s surprise at seeing it by others, everybody make mistakes regardless of their position.

Not all things in life can be progressing well and excellent but it is the end results that count.

So if by “trial and error” can obtain a good result, that will bring a satisfactory to everyone.

It doesn’t matter how much went wrong during the fabrication process, because nobody will complain over it when the end result is satisfying for everybody.

Doing things wrong unknowingly give us an extraordinary useful opportunity to learn how we can make benign improvements in our life.

For errors we need not be ashamed of, because everyone makes them, but if we do not learn the error, this have no effect on us but we also cannot recover it or do not have the possibility to make a correction for next time.

If we want to see good progress, we need to learn from all the mistakes that we were wrong before.

All the best for You with a Good Health

©author Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen


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