Hate Will not Feed us but Let us Starve


Hate Will not Feed us but Let us Starve.

We’ve all have sometimes bad feelings about things that happen to us, its the best to find a solution so quickly as you can or forget it.
All other decisions can affect our mood into a negative spiral, where we inwardly more trouble and sorrow ensue.
When hatreds are generated will it converted our positive mood in a grudge with hostile tendencies which will disrupt our good mood.
And if someone can get us so far that they give us the opportunity to loathe and hate them.
Then this is a sign that something has happened which they no more merit in our heart and we must realize that something similar will happen again in the future.
So a relationship as this it is better to break and that no further fuss more to make and accept it with a smile and see it as a victory of evil and unjust.
These types of people are usually not open to reason or faith to trust and have adopted this lifestyle, because they are not suitable for an honest and legitimate personality.
Business they are not intelligent enough to follow or organize everything openly and straight, because his a short-sighted idea, and only today counts.
That on the long term can earn more by the constant trust relationships they build and thereby increase since become not thought about it.
The wise person will ponder it well and know what’s important to respond for the better future and remove this kind of person as relation to improve his life.
Don’t have twice an argument with the same person about unfairness, because we will know it could happen again and can make us angry and loss control.
Because hate will not feed us but rather starve, because we can get into the position with difficulties which we would get the possibly to lose everything.
Words of others are nice but made a legal contract agreement with two signatures give us more security and probably no hatred afterwards.

All the best for You with a Good Health
©author Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen



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