Sometimes Things in Life are more Complicated than Just a Cat and Mouse Game Together

Sometimes Things in Life are more Complicated than Just a Cat and Mouse Game Together.

Problems are the order of the day, is deteriorating economy and it seems that some people adapt to it with their character traits and attitude toward others.
Sometimes conflicts arise between husband and wife or in relationships, can also be several groups which may be gangs, associations, old and young, hip, unconventional or unmannerly.                       And start thinking for one another and try to eliminate each other in conflicts maybe with words, because of power or other profiteering.
Sometimes the solution or answer for grabs and it appears to be easy until we realize that this game is much bigger and usually does not always seem like it is or what’s going on in our minds.
But often there are other reasons for the conflict around which the person or the other players think that this is the first but it is something completely different and it brings confusion.
Sometimes we think we have a puzzle of 20 pieces until we realize that it is one of 1,000 pieces appears to be with a lot more complications than we ourselves can predict or imagine.
Because others, often outsiders use the created situation and so try to exclude someone by a little more fire to do on top and it’s getting so more worse.
And then a potential exists that a terrible havoc created which could end very wrong for all people involved.
Therefore it is good to positively communicate and must constantly try to avoid escalation that is better for both parties.
And also try to prevent things are picked up by the wrong people and can then be used against us with a major disadvantage for ourselves.
For example, a cat and mouse game together are much more complicated and result in a greater loss than we had in our minds or want to afford ourselves in life.

All the best for You with a Good Health
©author Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen


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