Every Adversity that we have Endured will Make us Wiser

Every Adversity that we have Endured will Make us Wiser.12745412_10204520084802495_2903526315039534584_n

Life is an adventure without a proper written script and there is no guarantee for a smoother life path , but the good things is that we can improve every time on what we feel is best for ourselves.
We will meet different of people in our life with both good or bad character, but we are very fortunate that we can either choose to further continue our friendship and by every meeting say hello or a full farewell.
Well realized what was the reason behind and why a relationship is created, this can be a basis for us to estimate what is the value of it.
In life, there will be plenty of setbacks for us to endure, but there are also some moments when we think that life is so beautiful and justify.
Each of these adversity will be a great challenge for us, so do not give up and learn it for improvements to get a safety protection orders for our further life.
Be cautious are always the best , because a snake will never say: “I’m here now to poison You with my bite”.
Discerning and give perceptive judgment with reason and caution, because every setbacks can be an irreplaceable loss and a psychologically down.
It is the responsibility of ourselves seek for protection and support for our life in order not to make some unnecessary errors which may hurt us physically.
Sometimes we may uncertain and never get warranties from our decisions, because a wolf in sheep’s clothing can also tempt us.
Growing from every wrong determination that we have taken, we will be wiser in making decision next time.
Through trial and error we will be more wise, but suffer mental depression which can damage the confidence in humanity thus life is becoming less fun.
So be deliberate in life and do not take any hasty decisions to prevent us from suffering a mental problem later.
All the best for You with a Good Health
©author Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen


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