Do not wait for the chances in life , instead We should move forward and make the changes for a better prospect

Do not wait for the chances in life , instead We should move forward and make the changes for a better prospect.

We all know that without luck we will not have any chance in life .

But if we do create opportunities for a better future perspective by ourselves, we can still get the luck on our side.

Sit and wait for a chance give us no prospects and this the same as buying a lottery ticket with little prospect for getting the grand prize.

If we just wait for opportunities to come by us and not go for  what we want, we will never have it.

In life it is very rare that we will encounter things by itself and thereafter will be successful which we can be happy with it.

Do not be afraid to make changes in life, even if we would lose something, but on the other hand, the experience we have gained is priceless.

It’s give and take in life, those who cannot give will never be able to take back enough.

The seeds of plant also must be taken well care of first before we can harvest.

We should not directly make major changes and shall first look at the eventuality and provocation before we start with reorganizing of our life.

Even a small change already can made a huge difference in life and hence we can build something big on it after.

If we are not satisfied with our life, then do not sit and wait for it to change, because then it will just be detrimental against us.

Find other occasions and look beyond our noses , take a ladder to look beyond our vision and know that we should see everything wide to a better perspective.

Look for another environment if we do not find inner peace on this place and select the right friends with a good intercourse.

To be consistent with the right opportunities in life for happiness, we must continue to make changes for ourselves to be happy until we are satisfied with the decision with a capacity for growth and a better forecasting alterations perspective.

All the best for You with a Good Health
©author Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry


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