Sometimes to let go of something-which does not belong to us is also a spiritual relief

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Sometimes to let go of something-which does not belong to us is also a spiritual relief

In life we get what we deserve. and that’s something we should believe in conclusively, but everyone is free to believe in things whichever give the best feel for them.
We will sooner or later get back what we give to the world, it is a boomerang effect, the earth is round, so no matter where we started, we will eventually return to the starting point.
What is really belong to us will eventually comes by naturally, we do not need to compel anything, because that will not help.
Positive thinking and patience is required to respond to any setbacks, by unclench we can learn everything in a relax mind, everyone has it in them and we do not have to lie.
Honesty is the best policy to build trust, we can built an eternal relationship together with someone who believes in us, until one part of the relations have doubt with their conviction.
Misunderstandings by mutual incomprehension can be solved easily when both friends can be communicated well with each other, but if there is no communication, ones might be thinking wrong, thus the solution is no longer possible.
There are often wrong thought on things which is simply not there, and if there is no explanation by spoken words, then the problem will be there forever, because everyone has their own characteristic feature.
Talk to each other as adults is the best solution of so many misunderstandings, sometimes a long feud can be cleared in just 5 minutes.
Be realistic and find out where the error was, dare to admit mistake and abandon the pride when there is dissimilar of opinion between, because in life we need each other as friends.
The sooner we find solutions to the unexpected event in our life, the quicker we can move on with other things and we’ll have a clean slate of mind before bedtime.
If our mind is still full of junks or bad memory from yesterday, we will lose the opportunity to work out on new things.
Right is right and wrong is wrong, a decent and righteous person should knows his own limits and won’t go about for something which is unrighteousness or not belong to him.
We will achieve the spiritual relief in life when we’re able to let go on everything not belonging to us in order to receive the genuine purity and equanimity in serenity.
All the best for You with a Good Health
© author Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry


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