Eyes are Useless if the Heart is Blind

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Eyes are Useless if the Heart is Blind
It is so nice to be on the person who is no longer disappear from our thoughts and love eye contact with our blood to flow more quickly and thus makes our heart muscle overwork .
That character where our heart is devoted to our feelings and we completely through the consciousness perspective informed there.
It is an emotion like this person in our eye sight is to inform our desires. Essence and their
Our eyes see only what they want to observe and Crunch are the inner emotions of love that determine the sentiment .
When we ‘re together we can close our eyes and personal body parts of two characters will speak the words that we do not need to hear but feel.
Blinded by love , there is nothing more important than are together , it is an emotion of desires and emotions which then express .
Body Parts speak all languages and we can wish for no better feeling than this time luck is with us in dreams .
We would not want to let go and maintain in our bodies this hypostasis forever but everyone knows that there is more than just that .
Butterflies in our stomach of love indicate that we have surrendered to the feelings we have for this individual . Us emotionally feeling.
The range to others from our eyes and basically everything has become useless and unusable by the blindness of love .
Because our preferred from the heart is only for that one individual that we can close our eyes out of love . Our eyes are indispensable.
Author Jan Jansen
All the best for You with a Good Health
© author Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen



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