Actions and Words will Confirm where Our Heart is Full From

Actions and Words will Confirm where Our Heart is Full From

The love of something give us some fine moments and feelings in life where we are enjoying or look forward to it.
There can never be enough love in our life, as love is one of our basic foundation, from there we begin to expand our feelings and always wanting for more.
The thrills and adrenaline which cause by that can go to the extremes and impress us, so that we can not longer have everything under control with our feelings.
And that will be our top priorities because if we cannot restrain our feelings about it, then we might lose control due to the heartbreaking feelings.
So we start to think more about this topic with a bigger desire which will spin over our mind, then we will be pushed by our inner urge to it, this can give concerns to us.
Because not all that yearns from our heart, we can afford to do with our action, some things can also occur which is beyond our control.
We might be in love with someone but that person has no feelings for us as a partner, he/she just think we are kind enough, and their thinking only want to have a more friendly relationship with each other.
While our hearts been overflowing with love, we also will act lovely and express with the words from what we think, but it might not welcome by others as they may not appreciate our expression.
Our hearts can be entirely devoted to a certain subject, so when we experience high quality event which beyond our borders, thereby it’s impossible for us to participate on it.
We attempt to get closer to the desire of our heart for every chance in any case, but that is just impossible for us.
The problem is that in many cases, it takes more than just our desires and needs, and that creates the disappointment and a loss of hope for us.
That’s where our hearts of love overflows through words, and actions can be confirmed when we have the opportunity or be placed with the possibilities.

All the best for You with a Good Health
© author Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry


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