A joyful day is when we are doing something extra worthwhile for somebody whose presence meant the world for us

A joyful day is when we are doing something extra worthwhile for somebody whose presence meant the world for us

We not have to believe in a religion to realize how much this day December 25th means for most people on this earth.
Almost everywhere in the world already started in advance to make preparation to welcome this special day, which is also the last week of the year.
It does not matter where do we live or going, the decorations for Christmas with different colors and in the evening with pretty colored lights on, can give everyone a cheerful atmosphere where we all can enjoy the good sights of it.
On these few last days of the year, we can think about all the good events and sins which have been occurred in the past year.
And every bad things which have happened to us on this year, we can now hoping to end all these, and welcome the new year in a positive mood with our new wishes.
December 25th is the day in which most of the brothers, sisters, friends and families all come together to celebrate this day with love, joy and peace.
This is a day when we can do something special for the person or persons who occupy an important place in our heart.
This will then leave an exceptional impression for everybody, because no one are going to forget the sweetest memory on this date and everyone would like to come back for the same join gathering every year.
A day of joy and celebration with the companions we love are indispensable in our mind, and we will keep this memory with a hope to repeat the joy on the same date every year in our whole life.
This is a day where we can do something extra for the person or people who mean the world to us, because they are certainly worth for all we do for them.

All the best for You with a Good Health
© author Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry


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