We Have the World in Our own Hands

We Have the World in Our own Hands

But then we must be all together strong and united to work.
Jointly we must understand that so after then subsequently we must fully work team wise to complete it.
The care reciprocal and not against but for each other.
No more minorities and all against discrimination, so that everyone on earth is equal.
Everyone has commensurate personal rights and duties.
So we can keep our life on earth in balance.
Do not cut down trees to make paper thereof after then cheerfully writing or printing on the paper “Protect our nature”
We must live on this earth globe and always remember to protect nature for our on health and others.
Stop the pollution and the elimination of nature and protect it.
And start thinking about the future for our next generation.
So that they can life with health and life opportunities.
Because with the commercialism of today and all the money earned thereby to become.
We must never forget that we our health with it never can buy back, if we are incurably ill.
As a result of all pollution of nature and poor air contaminants by human intervention try or for profit interests.


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